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A Fractured Truth (Book 2 of the Shadow King series)

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Prepare to be blown-away in this riveting new sequel to A Fractured World, and book two of the Shadow King series. This thriller will take you down yet another rabbit-hole of mind-bending phenomenon and action-packed adventure. Jack Redman and David Williams have already fled their world in an attempt to not only save their lives, but to restore the future of mankind. What they discover on the other side is nothing they had ever expected nor something they could ever prepare for.

In 2031, Davy Murphy and his wingman Shawn Randall, two Air Force fighter pilots, set out on a secret mission to uncover the truth regarding three nuclear weapons that nearly wiped-out half the population of the United States. As events take a turn for the worst, Shawn soon unearths a shocking new secret that had been buried for more than sixty-eight years. He has no choice but to follow the clues, leading him and his future wife straight into a fight for their own lives.

Will Jack Redman and Shawn Randall do their part to prevent further destruction and reverse the course of history?

A Fractured World (Book 1 of the Shadow King series)

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One Thursday evening in 2031, Jack Redman loses consciousness after he is suddenly blown off his feet by a massive explosion, only to awaken later and find himself completely alone with his house in ruins. Struggling to understand what caused the devastation, he sets out across the barren land to find survivors. Before Jack realizes it, he is thrown into a web of lies, and discovers the cold hard truth about one corporation’s conspiracy to change the world. Jack soon learns that there is only one man, an American leader from the 1960’s, who can uncover the past and restore the future. Racing against time, will Jack be able to change destiny and save his own life, the country, and all of mankind?