Social Media and What My Kids Taught Me About Attention

stand_out_in_a_crowdOr should I say “lack of attention?”

I’ve done a whole lot of thinking about social media lately.

Most all of the thoughts that crossed my mind surrounded whether it was effective to the average person, such as myself, and if it was really worth the time and effort, or was it a road I shouldn’t be taking, leading me off the beaten path of writing that next novel. Last thing I want to do is find... Read More

What My Children Taught Me About Persistence

persistenceMy two year old daughter stands at my feet while I am speaking on the phone and repeatedly says, “Dad… dad, dad, daddy, dad,” until I am frustrated enough I finally burst out, “What??”

All parents have been in this situation. It could be a person you’re talking to at home, or the lady at the check-out line, but your child persists on getting the attention they feel they are... Read More

Writing as Therapy

writerWith my first novel under my belt, I have learned a great deal about writing and self-publishing. First and foremost, writing is therapeutic for me. I enjoy it, and if I didn’t do it, I’d go batty. It’s a lot like going to the gym, or for some, going shopping. Maybe.

With 8 kids running amok there are distractions when it comes to the flow of things. Understanding that kids are naturally free agents of the universe until their minds are whisked away by societal pressures and norms, I realize my kids are more closely tapped into the innate wave of life than I am. I am far removed. Knowing this, I realize that... Read More