A Fractured World: Book One of the The Shadow King Series

A Fractured World: Book One of the The Shadow King Series

One Thursday evening in 2031, Jack Redman loses consciousness after he is suddenly blown off his feet by a massive explosion, only to awaken later and find himself completely alone with his house in ruins. Struggling to understand what caused the devastation, he sets out across the barren land to find survivors. Before Jack realizes it, he is thrown into a web of lies, and discovers the cold hard truth about one corporation’s conspiracy to change the world. Jack soon learns that there is only one man, an American leader from the 1960’s, who can uncover the past and restore the future. Racing against time, will Jack be able to change destiny and save his own life, the country, and all of mankind?

“He instantly felt the world in the palm of his hand, that destiny was his… was given to him. The universe was his…”

“He bolted for the stairs and ran back down to the wine cellar, grabbed the Chardonnay, and slid it into his pack. He had to get to her.”

“The man dropped to his knees in front of the body, and could see a bullet had exited through the chest.”

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