Writing as Therapy

writerWith my first novel under my belt, I have learned a great deal about writing and self-publishing. First and foremost, writing is therapeutic for me. I enjoy it, and if I didn’t do it, I’d go batty. It’s a lot like going to the gym, or for some, going shopping. Maybe.

With 8 kids running amok there are distractions when it comes to the flow of things. Understanding that kids are naturally free agents of the universe until their minds are whisked away by societal pressures and norms, I realize my kids are more closely tapped into the innate wave of life than I am. I am far removed. Knowing this, I realize that disruptions are a law of life, but most importantly, I siphon the kids’ creative juices. I catch their vibe!

So, not only is writing therapeutic, but the kids are the producers of the creative energy I use to write. That energy needs to be channeled. I resourcefully refer to Newton’s third law of motion where every action has an opposite and equal reaction. I therefore must conclude that whatever one person must absorb from the atmosphere, the equal amount must be expunged on the other end. In my world it’s crazy in, crazy out.

I am sure I will have more to write about self-publishing, but for now I have come to appreciate the digital age. Produce what you can, put it out there, and let the world decide what it is. There is nothing more ‘free market’ than that. It may mean shuffling through more garbage to uncover a gem, but that’s the beauty of it. There is so much more to discover.

On to book two.


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  1. Writing is therapy! I started in December to relieve the boredom of retired living and it became all-consuming. I couldn’t stop. One of the great benefits of reading is escape into other worlds, but writing is even better because, as the writer, you can escape to a venue of your choice because YOU ARE THE AUTHOR.

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